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History with Victron Energy

Dixon Marine Inc. is one of the main proud ambassadors for Victron Energy. 

The company manufactures power conversion equipment, and is well recognized throughout the world for its high-quality, reasonably priced solar controllers and its dependable off-grid battery inverter/chargers.

Battery monitors, transfer switches, DC/DC converters, sinewave inverters, sinewave inverters/chargers, and other goods are among the products they offer. Victron Energy enjoys an unmatched reputation for reliability, build quality, and technical innovation. Many people agree that their products are the best option for independent electric power among professionals.

Saving Lives in Libya

Furthermore, due to dependable power, fifteen sizable hospitals in Libya—all of which are state-owned—can now deliver the kind of patient care they desire.

In Libya, there are frequently brownouts and blackouts, and the network voltage frequently drops from 220V to 170V. Up to 54 percent of power has been measured to be distorted, making it impossible to continue operating delicate medical equipment.

We are Champions

We have enjoyed following the sailing team’s progress over the past three years, which culminated in their amazing bronze medal at the most recent Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Victron Energy is pleased to support the Dutch National 49erFX team and is very impressed with their collaboration, training, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

No Power. No Fuel. No Problem.

Victron Energy has experience in Haiti and is prepared to assist anyone who needs power there. Victron Energy wants to be the go-to source of dependable, green energy in Haiti. Offering our customers high-quality products, expert installation, and assured after-sales service, we operate with heart and passion. I also have to let you know that we help folks who do not purchase Victron items from us. As a result, we are the Victron Energy authority in Haiti.

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