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 Our Team has been serving the Marine & RV industry for more than 35 years. 

Marine Service.

Serving the Industry for more than 35 years.

Learn more about our Marine Service and Vendors we work with. 

RV's & Technology

Serving the Industry for more than 35 years.

Learn more about our Marine Service and Vendors we work with. 

Consulting Services

Serving the Industry for more than 35 years.

Looking for guidance on your next power electronics project? We have the answers to your questions. Leveraging years of experience and multiple certifications, we can point you in the right direction.


This year will be 32 years.
I started as a young apprentice for a local marine electronics installer. In quick order, I was on my own doing installations of radars, sounders, and all types of marine electronics for local electronics shops in San Diego.
In 1994, I attended the Chapman School of Seamanship in Florida, then graduated and obtained my Coast Guard Captains License. For 15 years I was a a captain of private yachts. This took me to many exotic places.
After three plus decades of doing electronics and electrical systems, we have done them all, from mild to wild. Now, we are taking the opportunity to teach and support our wholesale dealers/installers how to do these systems. Installation work is referred to one of our trained and experienced dealer/installers. 
We are a distributor and ambassador for Victron Energy, dealer for MG Energy Systems, distributor for Wakespeed Offshore, dealer for Dockmate and a dealer for Underwater Lights LTD.
Absolutely. We are always looking for quality businesses to work with. Just reach out to get started!
Yachts and ships are floating cities with their own power, propulsion, water and waste systems. Vans and RVs are similar. Marine expertise certainly applies to vehicles. We take decades of experience and training in high-end yacht systems and apply them to vehicles. Marine quality in materials, systems and workmanship almost always exceeds that of land based counterparts.
Jim is ABYC Certified in Marine Electrical, NMEA Certified in Advanced Installation and Certified in NMEA2K.
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