Which Essential Marine Navigation Tools Do You Need

Which Essential Marine Navigation Tools Do You Need

Technology has made ocean navigation straightforward and easy. As time goes on, we anticipate constantly changing technical developments. The days of a navigation officer spending hours creating maps and organizing a voyage are long gone.

It goes without saying that yacht navigation has always been dangerous, even in the shallowest conditions, but today’s yacht and marine personnel face significantly less risk when sailing around the world due to the amazing technological advancements of the last few decades.

Modern ship navigation equipment types

Recorder of Voyage Data (VDR)
Range Tracking and Identification (LRTI), Rudder Angle Indicator (RAI), and Orca AI (a revolutionary navigation system that improves sight in the worst conditions by using deep learning artificial intelligence algorithms)
Compass magnetic (SMC)
Rotating Compass (Still available, but modified)
Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), which shows the position of your ship and other surrounding boats, and lengthy active radar
To measure your ship’s speed and the distance traveled from a specific set point, use the Speed & Distance Log Device (SDLD). We refer to it as ETA made simple.

While the number of vessels continues to grow year by year, costal and sea ways becoming congesting and difficult to navigate. Furthermore, with this navigational technology, it’s easier for pilots and captains to navigate busy areas. 

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